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Lightning Dry – Carpet Cleaning

Lightning Dry offer premium carpet cleaning at an affordable price and you can be back on your carpets in less than an hour! We use a UNIQUE carpet cleaning system that combines the force of two powerful carpet cleaning systems. The Texatherm© Carpet Cleaning System has now developed the technology to combine the deep cleaning of steam cleaning with all of the quick drying benefits of dry cleaning into one unique system. This technology is sweeping Europe and we have now brought it to Perth! This time you don’t have to wait for the rest of Australia to have it – Lightning Dry have it first!

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Our service mission to you…..

  • Premium Service
  • Affordable Price
  • Beautifully cleaned carpet dry cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning servicing all areas in Perth


Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned can bring new life to them. Our carpet dry cleaning system uses 90% less water than other systems. Not only is it affordable but professional.

Lightning Dry’s carpet cleaning system is environmentally friendly, pet and child safe. We are 100% Western Australian owned and operated. Our experienced carpet dry cleaning specialists can make sure that you can be back on your carpets within the hour – that’s how quick we are!

Lightning Dry Carpet Cleaning provide our services to home and business owners across the entire Perth metro area. Our carpet cleaning services are child-friendly, pet-friendly and won’t leave your house or office smelling of chemicals. Not only that but our carpet cleaning system is fast drying and will have you back on your carpets in about an  hour.

Contact the team at Lightning Dry, carpet cleaning specialists today for an appointment.

Get the Scoop on Cleaning Tips Before You’re Too Late


There are a number of varieties of cleaning. So it is not possible everyday. In regards to cleaning for your house, you may either opt to do it yourself or seek the services of a cleaning company.

Up in Arms About leaning Tips?

Every sort of cleaning has its very own peculiar benefits and disadvantages. It is regarded the most effective of all carpeting cleaning procedures. This way is known as the dry cleaning procedure. Cleaning with the assistance of a foam cleaner is also an excellent approach to deal with the issue.

For this, you ought to use a cleaning solution that will knock out the stain. Thus, the principal suggestion for your simple cleaning is to produce sure you’re cleaning straight away! Periodic cleaning may be lengthy and costly procedure, as well as hard work in case you decide to do it yourself.

You’ll need to generate a cleaning solution by obeying the succeeding step. In regards to cleaning, you could employ a specialist cleaning company or you may wash the floor all on your own. Thorough Cleaning doesn’t only keep it looking during its best, but furthermore makes certain the proprietor will use it for a lengthy time.

Finding the Best Cleaning Tips

Dust itself doesn’t cause allergic reactions. If you decided to clean out the flooring on your own, you’ll need to remove all the furniture and conduct the session. As time passes, it becomes dirty though. Also, since it can be extremely dense, it provides excellent cushion and insulation. If you decide to wash the surface yourself, you can purchase spot removers from the neighborhood shop, and you’ll likely even rent steam cleaners from the shop. Also make sure to follow along with the directions on the clean steamer whenever you’re preparing to clean and cleaning your carpeting. Make certain to move all tiny items off the carpeting and should you intend to steam clean your carpeting below the furniture have someone there to assist you move the furniture around as you wash the carpet.

At this time, you understand exactly what’s going to occur if you can’t maintain your carpeting. As soon as you find shading on your carpeting, there is truly no way to eradicate it. Give it a try and see exactly how quickly you’re able to receive your surface looking nice and clean once more. Whether you prefer it or not, it’s very vital to wash your flooring at home and at work.

Don’t allow the state of your floor take away from the attractiveness of your house’s interior. When it is properly maintained, you are making the potty training process easier. Carpets are something which may not washed daily. Having a lovely looking surface sounds a good deal easier than it really is.

When you’re trying to clean your carpeting, make certain to provide the chemicals a chance to do their work! It is wonderful to have if you would like to make your house more beautiful and appealing. Although it can be a potential health hazard, it doesn’t mean you cannot have in your office or home at all. Cleaning the rug by yourself can be a challenging job, especially in the event the layer is too big and dirty. It’s especially hard to find a skilled professional and a seasoned throw cleaner. Once you have allowed the remedy to sit, examine the layer another time utilizing ONLY water in the tank. You need to shampoo this layer if there is the smallest amount of traffic like in the early morning hours.

The solution is permitted to keep on the rug for an appropriate dwell or reaction time. Rugss have a tendency to accumulate lots of dust, dirt and dampness. They provide a good environment for the microorganisms to thrive and multiply. In case the rug isn’t maintained on a normal basis including as soon as the very first cleaning occurs, the capacity of an expert to clean out each of the soil and particulates lessens. Every carpet calls for a different cleaning method based on the material used. To create your weave adorn a brand-new appearance, it is necessary to pick out a cleaning technique which suits the fabric along with the kind of fibers that are employed in your flooring or rug. Many people believe cleaning this layer is simply a waste of time.

You are able to skip all this by availing cleaning services. Professional cleaning services is dependable and cost-effective. A specialist cleaning service will manage all your worries.

So if you are thinking “What are the best carpet cleaners near me?” – think Lightning Dry.


“Absolutely BRILLIANT !  I give you the highest praise for your services – my carpets look better than ever !”

Kevin- Woodvale