Carpet Cleaning Perth - Carpet Dry Cleaning for Commercial Properties
Back on your carpets in less than an hour
Carpet Cleaning Perth - Carpet Dry Cleaning For Commercial Properties
Back on your carpets in less than an hour

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth

Ideal for Offices, Hotels, Nightclubs or any Commercial Property!

Are you looking for professional commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth?  If so, you are already on the right site. Lighting Dry is well established to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services in Perth. We are highly equipped with the latest commercial carpet cleaning technologies and professional operators, highly skilled in carpet-care techniques to keep your carpets in perfect condition. For more than two decades we have been offering commercial carpet cleaning services in Perth for buildings, offices, hotels, and any commercial property.

Unsightly carpets do not represent your company or office standards very well.  You work very hard to obtain and then maintain a great reputation.  Don’t let your carpets let you down.

In order to light up your room with a refreshing smell, shining, fresh and new look carpets, contact Lighting Dry. You will never be disappointed with our carpet cleaning services in Perth instead, you will realise that the old carpet that you thought was beyond hope has once again become an asset,  adding to the beauty and comfort of your office.

Lightning dry uses the Texatherm™ System – the leader in carpet cleaning technology.

Why not join the ever growing happy, repeat clients that have come to rely on this Advanced, State of the Art, Internationally Patented Carpet Cleaning System and Process.  Some of the dedicated users if the Texatherm™ Carpet Cleaning System include:

  • Rainbow International
  • UK and Holland, Barclays Bank,
  • London Underground
  • Ministry of Defence UK
  • HSBC
  • Bank of America UK
  • London Stock exchange
  • Numerous commercial clients in Perth

We are armed with advanced carpet cleaning technologies with eco-friendly solutions. We offer wide range of choices for our clients and always recommend the techniques best suited to the job in hand. Our carpet cleaning services are adopted with extensive research and experience while considering your carpet’s health on the top-list of our priority.

One of the best features of Texatherm™ Carpet Cleaning is that we can literally go anywhere in your business.  Our carpet cleaning equipment is portable and extremely powerful.  The patented EMV™ Extraction Machine is literally the most powerful portable on the market.  Its closest rival is the Truck Mount Systems.  But these depend on hoses running through your business and your water supply.  Our system is self-reliant – offering all of the benefits of a Hot Water Extraction Clean with all the benefits and quick drying times of a Dry Cleaning System.

After we have cleaned your carpets, you will come in the morning to a fresh, clean and dry smell. Because it is a low moisture system – there are no residual “wet carpet’ smells – only a beautiful clean smell!

As always, we continue to place a significant priority on the continual improvement of our carpet cleaning services in Perth, in order to uphold the highest level of customer satisfaction. If after going through the information provided here, you still have doubts and would like to discuss your specific case, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

If you are seeking a true commercial carpet cleaning expert in Perth, Lighting Dry is the best choice for you.  Our well-trained commercial Carpet Cleaning Technicians in Perth will leave no stones unturned. We use Texatherm™ Equipment, Product and Processes exclusively simply because there is nothing better for carpet cleaning on the market. We go to extra lengths to make sure these products are available to our valued clients

Contact Lighting Dry, commercial carpet cleaning services in Perth and experience the joy of a job well done. Click here to view our domestic carpet cleaning service.

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