Carpet Cleaning Perth - Carpet Dry Cleaning for Homes
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Carpet Cleaning Perth - Carpet Dry Cleaning for Domestic Properties
WA Owned and Operated

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Perth

Our carpet cleaning Perth services have been developed based on our vast experience in the industry and our accumulated knowledge and expertise. We offer Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning or a combination of both. It is no accident that we are one of the leading carpet cleaners in Perth and our solid reputation has been built on quality service, low prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

We have literally searched the planet to find the very best in carpet cleaning system – WE FOUND IT and now we are bringing it to you!! We have added The TEXATHERM™ system to our arsenal of equipment. The TEXATHERM™ system is an International product and process patented system that has revolutionised the cleaning process! This allows us to provide STEAM or DRY Carpet Cleaning to our clients. The Texatherm System process combines unique chemical, equipment and process technology. This process gives you all of what you desire from an extraction system but delivers all the benefits associated with carpet dry cleaning systems. This unique process attains superior results that are normally seen in a deep wet clean whilst delivering all the benefits you have come to expect from this unique system in Perth. Your home is your castle and you should be treated like royalty – nothing but the best will do!

What should you expect when our Perth carpet cleaners come to you?

  • Light furniture removal – that means anything lighter than 15 kilos. Beds that are on casters can be moved side to side. Dressers, heavy lounge suites or buffet units are usually left to be cleaned around. If you have a specific concern or need – just talk to the carpet cleaner when they get there.
  • Power vacuuming. You do not need to pre-vacuum your carpet – we take care of that with our Sensor Power Vacuum™. This removes dirt left behind by even the best domestic vacuums on the market.
  • A solution of Texatherm ™Advanced Cleaner is sprayed on the carpet. This immediately begins to break down the bonds between the oil and the dirt bound to the carpet.
  • Then a thermal pad, which has been has been preheated, the Texatherm™ Reactive Neutraliser is placed on the carpet and the TC170, Texatherm Rotary machine then goes over the carpet.  The dirt on the carpet is then absorbed into the cleaning pad.
  • The area is then cleaned by our carpet cleaner and the pad is taken away to be laundered.
  • Every area is cleaned with a clean pad EVERY TIME !! No cross contamination here!

Lightning Dry use the latest technology and eco-friendly methods, our highly-trained Perth carpet cleaners are ready to meet all your carpet cleaning requirements in Perth. We use the Texatherm™ product line and patented process exclusively for all of your carpet cleaning needs, carpet dry cleaning, extraction cleaning and deep cleaning of the carpets or upholstrey . Our efficient and customer service minded technicians will look after you every step of the way! Its quick drying properties mean that carpets can be cleaned in busy areas while keeping disruption to a minimum. Our professional carpet cleaners can have your carpets cleaned and dried within the hour.

Benefits of the Carpet Cleaning Texatherm ™System:

  • The cleaning products used are non toxic and safe to use.
  • Carpets dry in 30-60 minutes
  • Woolsafe
  • Disinfects and cleans carpet
  • Applies anti-static coating on the carpet
  • Does not to stretch or shrink the carpet
  • Low moisture levels
  • Fast cleaning and drying times
  • Leaves no sticky residues – THIS IS WHAT CAUSES RESOILING
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Leaving the carpet PH neutral
  • Uses 90% less water than other system – and you KNOW here in Perth – we MUST look out for the water usage!
  • Best of all – AFFORDABLE!! You don’t have to compromise on quality! We know that there are many Perth carpet cleaners to choose from. Be very careful of carpet cleaners here in Perth that are offering a houseful of cleaning for an incredibly cheap price as you will usually end up getting what you pay for.

Contact Lightning Dry, Perth Carpet Cleaners for all of your domestic carpet cleaning needs. Click here to view our commercial carpet cleaning service. View our carpet cleaning prices.

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