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The Lightning Dry Perth Carpet Cleaning System

The Texatherm™ Carpet Steam Cleaning System – Internationally Patented Solutions and Process


The Texatherm Perth Carpet Cleaning System in action

Carpet Steam Cleaning in Perth

We use the TEXATHERM™ Carpet Steam Cleaning System exclusively simply because we believe there is nothing else better.  Here is how it works:

When we arrive to clean your carpets we will have a power vacuum, a TC170™ rotary machine, an EMV™ Heater Tank/Extraction machine and an arsenal of cleaning solutions to take care of your cleaning needs.  Now – what do all of these things do?  We’ll tell you…

First – the carpet is pre-vacuumed – this removes loose dirt and particles.  Pre-vacuuming removes about 70% of the grime.  It is important that a commercial grade power vacuum is used and we do.  Next a fine mist of ADVANCED CLEANER™ is applied to the carpet by the technician using a mist sprayer.  Then, a pad that had been heated in the heater tank in a NEUTRALISER ™ solution heated to 70 degrees Celsius.  This pad is wrung out and placed on the rotary machine.  The technician then goes over the carpet with the TC 170 ™ rotary machine.  This process breaks the bond between the dirt and grime from your carpet fibres.  This then is wicked up into the pad.  After cleaning an area – the pad is removed and will be taken away to be laundered.  These are cotton poly pads that are very durable – lasting a long time even with daily washing.  We keep a stock of about 120 pads on hand so we never run the risk of running out on any carpet steam cleaning job in Perth. Even though your carpets are now thoroughly steam cleaned – we take the extra step of deep rinsing the carpet to remove grime that may “wick”   back up – this is what makes your carpets look dirty after they were steamed cleaned a few days before.  And those reoccurring stains?  GONE !

This carpet steam cleaning process is highly effective in high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchen entrance areas, pubs, public walkways or rental properties that have seen one too many parties.   The Texatherm™ carpet steam cleaning System is the fasted growing carpet steam cleaning process in Europe – some of its dedicated users are

  • Rainbow International UK & Holland
  • Barclays Bank
  • London Underground
  • Ministry of Defence UK
  • HSBC
  • Bank of America UK
  • London Stock Exchange

The extraction is also used for flooding – say a pipe burst or rain has gotten in and has flooded the carpets – the EMV™ is used  to removal of the excess water.  We then place high velocity air movers on the area to dry it in LIGHTNING time!

Carpet Cleaners: If you are intersted in purchsaing Texatherm products in Australia – we are the national distributor and we are located in Perth. Please feel free to have a look on if you want more information please contact Lightning Dry Carpet Cleaning in Perth and we can set you on to the best equipment and chemicals for your business. Click here to view our commercial carpet cleaning service or domestic carpet cleaning service.

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