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Want some useful information on cleaning your carpets? Well you have come to the right place. Please view our Perth Carpet Cleaning blog posts below for very useful information on how to keep your carpets clean and new for longer. If you want any help in keeping your carpets clean, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Lightning Dry Carpet Cleaners.

Please click on the blog post titles below to find information on how to keep your carpets clean.

Carpet Cleaning Perth – How to choose the best carpet cleaner

How Do I Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner in Perth? There are business listings for over 200 Carpet Cleaners in Perth.  We know because we checked. That does not even count the nameless unlicensed operators that are known as “cowboys”


Carpet Cleaning Perth – How To Maintain Your Carpet

Keeping Your Carpets Looking Like New To keep the carpets in your house looking like new will require work, and it all starts with vacuuming. Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas of heavy


Carpet Cleaning Perth – Removing Carpet Stains

How to Remove Stains from a Carpet You can keep your carpet looking newer, longer when you take some basic steps to clean spills as soon as they happen. Some spills, like wine, that are a little more difficult to


Carpet Cleaning Perth – Lightning Dry Has The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Solution

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Perth Specialists Are you looking for carpet cleaners in Perth? If so, then you should consider choosing Lightning Dry. There are several reasons that you should consider choosing Lighting Dry as carpet cleaners in Perth. Below


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth – Why You Need Lightning Dry

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth – Ideal for Offices, Hotels, Nightclubs or any Commercial Property! Are you looking for professional commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth?  If so, you are already on the right site. Lighting Dry is well established to


Carpet Cleaning Perth – Essential Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips Carpets add elegance, warmth and atmosphere to a home, but they also collect a lot of dirty things such as dust mites, mould and pet hairs. The best way to maintain odour-free, hygienic carpets is to


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