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Tue 06 August 2019

How to choose the best carpet cleaner

How Do I Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner in Perth?

There are business listings for over 200 Carpet Cleaners in Perth.  We know because we checked. That does not even count the nameless unlicensed operators that are known as “cowboys” in the industry.    If we were not in the carpet cleaning business we would not know what questions to ask when it comes to getting the very best service for the very best price.  As you search Google, you type in “Carpet Cleaning Perth”or ” “carpet cleaners in Perth”.  You may type in your specific suburb or even “cheap carpet cleaning” – whatever you type in you are going to get about 100 pages of results.  What you see at the top of the page – the first 3 positions and down the right side are ads that are paid for by the different companies.  Each time you click on one of these – the company is charged a certain amount.  In the lines below the first three at the top are what are known as “organic” websites – these are websites that Google has deemed as good and have good content so they rise to the top of the Google listing.

As carpet cleaners we use the Internet to get seen.  As a consumer you use the Internet to find what you need quickly.  Below we will give you a list of questions you should ask any operator before you book to get your Carpets or Upholstery cleaned.

How much do you charge?

Do they charge by the room or square metre?  The variance here in Perth for carpet cleaning companies is staggering.  You will have ones that advertise that they can clean your carpet for $10 per room.  There is no way – if they are using any kind of quality product or machinery that they can charge so little.  It takes us about 25 minutes to clean one room alone – it just is not possible to give you quality for such a small cost.  We can’t say “stay away”enough times.  We are not bad mouthing anyone and we want everyone to do well but as a consumer , you must always ask the question “Am I getting what I am paying for?” A good carpet cleaner should be able to tell you what the job will cost and unless there are added items or ones that are not mentioned at the time of quoting – that price should stay the same.  Always ask the agent to give you a price to agree on before he or she even takes anything out of the van to start.

Do they pre vacuum?

Believe it or not – but this a pretty hot topic between carpet cleaners especially the carpet cleaners in Perth.  Our advice is always – PRE VACUUM !  70 % of the carpet clean is done by the vacuum. It is not just our advice but also advised by the IICRC (we will explain who they are later on).    It loosens and gets rid of the loose dirt.  Some carpet cleaners don’t vacuum because they believe the extraction process does it for them.  Really all they are doing in adding water to dirt and making mud and then hoping they get it out of the carpet. Mud pies were fun when we were kids – but not so much in your carpet.  Vacuuming by using a power vacuum is the best method.  Domestic vacuums are fine but industrial vacuums will take out up to 60% more than the best domestic vacuums.

How long have you been in business?

An experienced carpet cleaner is worth their weight in gold.  What often happens is that someone thinks that anyone can do this job.  The truth is a truly experienced carpet cleaner takes years to develop.  They know the different types of carpet and fabric.  They know what it takes to clean them and they also know what damages the carpet or the fabric.  They take the right amount of time to assess the job – they know what chemical to use – what method to use and they take the time to get the job done properly.  And above all – they will charge you a fair price for the job they do.  Often times you will see “15 years of experience in the industry” – which usually means they have been in the cleaning industry for a few years and not necessary a carpet cleaner for that long.

Do you have certifications or accreditation?

The normal person has no idea what IICRC or AICRC or even Cert IV in Asset management means.  What they mean to us as carpet cleaners in Perth is that these people have taken the time to learn their  trade. The IICRC is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  A carpet cleaner will use this badge to identify if they are certified.  the-clean-trust-logoThis is an Internationally known agency for carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning compmaies.  Perth carpet cleaners and carpet cleaners everywhere have paid for courses to further their knowledge and can apply that knowledge when they take care of your carpet cleaning , upholstery  cleaning  or  leather cleaning.  For you as the client – it means that along with experience,  you can trust the operator you are dealing with to clean your carpets.  Here at Lighting Dry we internationally recognized by Texatherm as a licensed operator and Australian Distributor.  We are proud of that because we can offer an exceptional carpet clean or upholstery clean like no one else in Perth.  Not all carpet cleaners are created equal and we want you to find the very best one for you.  Our hope is that is Lightning Dry – but whatever carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning company in Perth you choose  you should still be informed so you can make the right choice.

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